Hello, lover. I've been expecting you. 

Amidst the often overbearing landscape of a 21st-century urban lifestyle, sodden with conflicting public and private pressures; it's all too easy to miss a crucial time-tested principle. A principal which I believe we all understand, intuitively: that intimacy, romance, and sensuality have a tremendous and mysterious power to inspire us. A power that builds self-confidence, balance, and growth; and enable us to live our best lives. We're all better when we're loved.


Picture me, new to university and the big city, struggling to balance full-time studies on top of part-time work to fund them. Stretched thin, questioning, isolated.

I knew there was a better way. 

I entered this industry hoping to achieve a healthy work-study-life balance, and thanks to you, I did just that. 

What I couldn't have predicted was how much our time together would come to mean to me. How much fun we would have. How the giggles, cuddles, and memories would linger on the pillow with your scent. How the buzz of our clandestine encounters would carry me into the next day, living life a foot off the ground.


So here I remain, with a passion for passion that only ever increases, anticipating your call. 

This is not a right swipe for netflix and chill, it's not a compatibility questionnaire. This is not compromise. It's adult-rated, and unadulterated.

This is not your first rodeo. This is intimacy, underground.




6 ft, 185 lbs, athletic build

33" waist, 34" inseam

Hairy with dark features

Mid 20's, with mature appearance and disposition

University graduate

Of course, you have a story of your own. 

You sense the potential of intimacy to bring magic into our lives, and want to explore it. 

You know exactly what you want, or would prefer that I take the lead. 

You've been a patron of adult providers on dozens of occasions or not a single time. 

You identify as he, she, or they; queer, straight, or none of the above. Or, you're not sure how you want to identify. 

You've had too many partners to count, or not a single one. 

You know men inside and out, or we completely confuse you. 

You want to be heard and cared for, and certainly not judged.

Your interests are mild to wild-or, you're discovering what your interests are. 


You have a career that leaves little time for your personal needs and desires.   
You're 18, or 80. (Or even older-but not younger!)

You're looking for something your current partner(s) can't provide. 

You want a space to flourish. 

You think I'm cute. 

You're horny. 

You don't need a reason.

Without exception, you're safe, kind and respectful. 


You're my type.