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Intimacy Underground is the personal website of Dante Valentinov, an elite Male escort in Vancouver

Hello, friend. I'm so glad you could join me on this journey.

My story as a companion goes back to my time as a 20-year old student in Vancouver, struggling to stay on top of a full course load while serving in the evenings and weekends to pay the bills. Yet, between tuition and the sheer cost of living in this city, I was quickly taking on debt. 

I knew I could find a better way- and I did. 

What I was hoping to achieve by entering the adult industry was a healthy work-study-life balance, and achieve it I certainly did. My grades soared, my relationships with friends and family improved, I slept more and ate healthier. 

What I didn't know to expect was the immense personal satisfaction I would draw from the work itself. At risk of cliche, I believe that we all understand, intuitively, the power that sensuality and intimacy have to inspire self-confidence, healing, and growth; and enable us to live our best lives. We're all better when we're loved. Yet it was only through escorting that I fully realized my passion for bringing this potential to life, both in myself and others. 

Fast forward to the present day: I finished that degree, have been happily employed full-time in a field I love, and am now returning to school for a graduate degree. I chose my day job and graduate degree because they give me the chance to viscerally contribute to the lives of folk in my community, while drawing inspiration and energy in return, and, thanks to good fortune and privilege, support myself while doing so. And on account of the very same values I have continued my work as an escort. 

I sincerely hope that you'll be a part of my story of sensual exploration, and that I could have the pleasure of being a part of yours. 

Please feel free to drop me a line at any time with any questions you may have. And while you're here, check out my gallery, services, and faq

Yours in bliss, 


6 ft, 180 lbs, athletic build

33" waist, 34" inseam

Hairy with dark features

Penis: 7" length, uncircumcised, 6" circumference

Early-Mid 20's, with mature appearance and disposition

Education: B.Sc. completed, M.Sc. underway

Of course, you have a story of your own. 

You sense the potential of intimacy to bring magic into our lives, and want to explore it. 

You know exactly what you want, or would prefer that I take the lead. 

You've been a patron of adult providers on dozens of occasions or not a single time. 

You identify as he, she, or they; queer, straight, or none of the above. Or, you're not sure how you want to identify. 

You've had too many partners to count, or not a single one. 

You know men inside and out, or we completely confuse you. 

You want to be heard and cared for, and certainly not judged.

Your interests are mild to wild-or, you're discovering what your interests are. 


You have a career that leaves little time for your personal needs and desires.   
You're 18, or 80. (Or even older-but not younger!)

You're looking for something your current partner(s) can't provide. 

You want a space to flourish. 

You think I'm cute. 

You're horny. 

You don't need a reason.

Without exception, you're safe, kind and respectful. 


You're my type.