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 6" in height  |   180 lbs, athletic build  |   late 20's  |  hairy with dark features


Hey, I'm Dante. I'm an escort. I've been doing this for a while, and I dig it.  If you ask me, there's nothing better than meeting kind and interesting people - whether for an hour, or a week; whether fleetingly or over and over again. There's nothing better than turning strangers into lovers.

If you've come this far, I believe you've sensed the opportunity here for an experience outside the ordinary. An opportunity for both intense physical connection as well as something a little more elusive: an experience that is simultaneously relaxing and passionate. A chance to be seen & listened to, and while we're at it, maybe have some outrageously good sex.


So whether it's your first time booking an escort, or your hundredth, I can't wait to be your next adventure, and for you to be mine!




Outcall or incall in Vancouver, BC

1st hour   |   350   |  

Additional hours   |   250   |   

Overnight  |  up to 14 hours, including a good night's rest |  1500   

Extended arrangements and travel

Please enquire

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