Frequently asked questions

Do you accept (insert identity here) clients?

YES! Male, female, non-binary, queer, straight, etc...any body or identity, as long as you are 18 or over, safe, and respectful.

What services do you offer as an escort?

As mentioned above, the service I offer is time spent with you. What happens during that time is up to us, two consenting adults. Depending on the interests of the client and type of visit this can vary extensively. If you would like to know my preferences, limits, and tastes in intimate settings, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our time together is all about you, so I encourage you to clearly communicate any desires ahead of our meeting!

Are you able to host?

While I offer no guarantees, I can, with notice, sometimes arrange an incall location. A small extra fee will be charged-please inquire for details.

What is your sexual orientation?

Pansexual with preference for women.

Are you experienced with men?


Are you experienced with women?


Are you available for escorting in public?

In my hometown, yes, with limitations. In other cities, yes, generally without. A big turn-on for me is a date that involves time both in public and private.

Can you travel?

Yes, I am passport ready. My commitment to my day job limits the amount of travelling I can do, but I love a weekend getaway and the occasional longer trip.

When are you available?

I am a part-time escort. During most weekdays my time is spoken for, which means my regular booking times are weekends and evenings. That said, occasional rescheduling can be arranged, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have specific scheduling needs. I appreciate your patience with correspondence and scheduling as I try to balance escorting with other occupations and commitments.

Are your rates negotiable?

In 99% of cases, no. I say that because sadly, most requests for discounts I receive are from people who are able to afford my rates but would prefer not to. If that is you, I respect the way spend your money, and I ask that you please respect the way I make mine. Don't bother asking. In rare cases, I will alter rates for folks who, as a result of their identity or body, face systemic barriers both to intimacy and to the resources necessary to afford my rates. If you genuinely feel this is you, please get in touch and describe your situation, as it is a passion of mine to ensure everybody has access to healthy sexuality.

Are you available for couples or groups?

Yes, I LOVE seeing couples! For groups, please get in touch with the specifics of what you have in mind.

I'm a virgin. Can I hire you?

Absolutely! Over the years I have had the honour of providing numerous clients with an exploratory intimate experience. I take pride in offering a safe & relaxing atmosphere in which this can take place. I understand that for many this is a big step to take, and at first it can seem intimidating or overwhelming. However, with thorough communication and preparation prior to the session, it is also, in my experience, a particularly special and memorable experience. If you are considering hiring me for this experience, just let me know! I will respond with a detailed description of what I will offer and how our time together can unfold. There is no obligation for getting in touch and you are welcome to take as long as needed to make a decision. And of course, I am always open to your suggestions and requests.

I've never been with a man. Can I hire you?

Absolutely! Please see above question for a description of how this can take place.

How can I be sure you are who you say you are?

With all the fake and misleading advertisements out there in this industry, I couldn't blame you, the client, for seeking assurances. In fact, I take it as a sign of good taste. Intimacy is not an experience you would like to share with just anybody-as a provider I, too, take steps to ensure clients are discreet, safe, and respectful before arranging a meeting. First, check out my reviews and follow the links at the bottom of the page to the sites on which these reviews are hosted. You will see that these are trusted third-party sites with their own verifications systems-they confirm the identities of both providers and clients so that both can remain discreet to each other. Then, let's find a time to talk on the phone. Often, hearing a person speaking in their own voice builds trust and helps you gain a picture of their personality that an online profile alone cannot. I, too, appreciate the opportunity to hear and learn a little about clients before we meet; it is an opportunity for both of us to ask questions. Finally, if you require further assurances, let's have a brief meeting in a public place, perhaps over a drink, coffee, or light meal. You will have the opportunity to see me in person and put a face to a name prior to booking a session. I do not charge a standard fee for these preliminary encounters, though I am always appreciative if my time is recognized through a donation to charity, or a gratuity on the ocassion of our first session.

Can I bring or send you a gift?

I am touched by the consideration of many clients, or even "distant admirers", in offering gifts. If I'm to be honest, however, my tastes are very simple and I am generally more than satisfied with the level of material comfort I currently enjoy. One gesture that I do find very compelling is a donation to one of my favourite charities (see below) or one that you support yourself. It is a definite turn-on for me to know that a client is invested in our intimacy to the degree of engaging on an intellectual and emotional level in this way. That said, there is also no denying the role of certain consumables as aphrodisiacs- I will admit partiality to chocolate, cheese, and red wine. If we are not fortunate enough to meet in-person but are so kind as to send a gift, please get in touch for delivery instructions.

What are some of your favourite charities?

The world of intimacy and escorting is at times completely absorbing. Because of its intolerance by large portions of society as well as government, we often fail to acknowledge that for many, it is a form of employment like any other. I am grateful to be established in this line of work, and it is my view that like any form of employment, it holds the opportunity for giving back and bringing about positive change. I have listed below some non-profit organizations that hold personal meaning to me. If you appreciate the work that sex professionals do despite the stigma and persecution involved, I encourage you to make a donation in its honour to one of these organizations, or another that you value personally (and let me know so I can tell other sex workers and share the goodwill!). Doctors Without Borders: In the world of international aid, it can be very hard to be sure that the money you donate results in improvements of people's lives. Doctors Without Borders are a fortunate exception to this rule, because they focus entirely on providing urgent medical care and nutrition in places where there is no other option. Nature Conservancy of Canada: We Canadians are lucky to have some of the world's most vast and magnificent natural areas within our borders-but they're not to be taken for granted. The NCC work to protect them in a straightforward and transparent way. PACE Society I am fortunate enough to have entered sex work on my own terms, and have had almost universally positive experiences with clients. There is no doubt that this a privilege granted to me by my demographic. Women, trans folk, low-income folks, and indigenous folk are subject to an incredibly disproportionate amount of abuse and harassment within the sex work industry, and are much more likely to be doing sex work for survival. I can't express strongly enough how important it is that PACE Society in Vancouver provides judgement-free support and advocacy to all sex workers. I believe it is encumbent on all those of means to whom sex work has provided benefit, including myself and my clients, to support those in the industry who still face major challenges.

Can I hire you as a surprise for my friend/partner/etc?

No, I require that the person am I will be offering my services to be the one to contact me. In the case of meetings with couples, I require that both partners be aware and enthusiastic about the meeting.

Ask an escort what services am I paying you for?

All payment is for time spent only. What happens during our time together will be the decisions of two consenting adults.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, card, and e-transfer.

What are your rates?

Please kindly introduce yourself first, and as we determine if we're the right match for each other, I'd be happy to provide a bespoke quote for our time together. My availability ranges from half-hours to multiple days, and everything in between.