K, Vancouver

Dante is the type of guy who can deliver a very intimate and sensual kind of experience. I've seen Dante twice. I always have a great time with him. He's handsome, kind, gentle, friendly, and easy to talk with and has a beautiful smile and laugh. He provided me with a perfect boyfriend experience as expected, tender, sensual and an excellent kisser!! Fulfilling all my desires and fantasies. (I was left with a huge smile on my face.) I would hire him again in a heartbeat! Genuine, friendly, sexy and fun. Definitely worth it!

A, California

Where to even start......Dante is absolutely one of the best experiences ever. I first met him 3 years ago on a trip tp to Vancouver and was immediately impressed. Decided to try to meet him again on a recent trip - easy to communicate with him and boy am I glad to see him again!
Dante is an extremely handsome lad that will make people turn their heads on the street. Beautiful smile, great personality, and that natural charisma to make you feel at ease right away. Very educated and polite. If you tell me he is a model, I would believe it. 

He is a great kisser and equally talented in other oral-related departments. And he is up front and honest with you. That makes me feel even more attracted to him. Very caring and sensual during the intimate sessions. If I was in heaven, Dante must be the angel. 

M, Ontario

Dante came recommended by a friend in Vancouver, with whom I had confided my bedroom frustrations at the time. That was a year and a half ago, and let's just say that since then, that friend has seen a lot more of me. Dante is now a must-do for any visit to Vancouver.

You can see that he's good looking, and can probably guess that he's charming and capable. But what impressed me most was the depth of his warmth and empathy. For me those are not only key characteristics in a friend but also serious aphrodisiacs in a lover. 

I write this review with mixed feelings because I would love to keep him all to myself, but Dante, my boy, I owe it to you for all the good times. You're the best, keep doing what you do!

P, British Columbia

Dante is a one of a kind! I have had the extreme pleasure of having multiple dates, 3 overnights, and a 4 day weekend out of country with this beautiful charming man, over the past year. I can’t get enough. When I opened my door to him the very first time, I was hooked. His beautiful eyes, incredible smile, amazing body are just the icing on the cake. He has charisma and personality to burn. He oozes a natural and intense sexuality and confidence. He’s educated, has a great sense of humour and humility...and makes me feel comforted and accepted like no one ever has. He has made me believe in myself again and I feel so alive in his presence. Am I addicted ? Hell yeah! ...and I’m not going to rehab! I definitely recommend a longer session if you can. One hour is just scratching the surface. You need more time to really encompass everything he has to offer. Don’t hesitate to book this man. You will not regret it, trust me, this guy rocks my world more than anyone I’ve known and I have a lot of experiences ( short and long term) to draw from. For me he is the whole package. Thank you Dante for all you are to me. I’ve never been so grateful to meet such a stellar human being.

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