Intimacy, underground


I've got all the time in the world.
don't you want some of it?

What is intimacy underground? Well, it's not a right swipe for netflix and chill, it's not a compatibility questionnaire. It's adult-rated, and unadulterated.

Intimacy underground is right here, right now. Something happens here. 

In your life there are a few places, or maybe only one place, where something happens, and then there are all the other places. We have only to ask: will it be your place or mine?


"Spectacular. In person he has a warm, affable personality coupled with intelligence and a nice charm. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dante to anyone seeking communication and engagement in addition to physicality."

-W., 2019

"We enjoyed a wonderful week together. He was a wonderful travel companion, easy going, and just made everything so easy and relaxing. He is an amazing cuddler! Looking forward to our next vacation already!!"

-K., 2021

"It’s a good thing I don’t live in Vancouver, otherwise I could become addicted. I highly recommend Dante - It was a special night 😍"

-A., 2021